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Centre for Economics, Banja Luka – Novi Sad

We represent Crestcom Int. in B&H and Serbia

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Education and Consulting

We also do Consulting Activities in order to improve Processess in Private and Public Sector

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Centre for Economics LLC
Banja Luka – Novi Sad

Dear Visitors,

Welcome on the Web Page of Centre for Economics, Banja Luka – Novi Sad. Our Organization exists since 2004. During 2006 we started our primary Business (Management Training) and became authorized Franchisee of Crestcom International LLC (Denver, Colorado, USA) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We also work in Serbia since 2016. Crestcom International is World leading Management and Leadership Training Company. Our Company works with Managers in public and private Sector. We also have trained Sales People in B&H – Clerks, People in Retail Sale, Sales Persons on the Field as well as Sales Directors.
We also do Consulting Activities in order to improve Processess in private Companies as well as in Public Sector.
Since 2009 we assist our Clients in creating strategice Documents (Studies, Strategies, Plans, Models, Analyzes, Research, Reports etc.). Part of our Activities is devoted to Project Cycle Management (PCM). We prepare Project Documentation and implement International and Domestic Projects. I believe that You will find something for you here.
I wish you Success in Business and Life.

Mr. Milos Todorovic
Founder and CEO


We educate Managers in B&H and Serbia in order to help them to assist their Companies to achieve top Performance. More Information about Crestcom Training „Bullet Proof Manager“ is available on the link below.

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