Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is developed in order to bring improvements in organizations more than any other methodology. Traditional methodes as „Six Sigma“ are focused on quality compared to speed. Methodes known as „Lean“ are better for improvement of processes and speed. If we combine these two we will get „Lean Six Sigma“ methodology, which brings the best results to organizations. So, Lean Six Sigma is combination of two most important trends in improvement of business results:

  • To make work more effective (by Six Sigma),
  • To make it faster (through Lean principles).

Lean Six Sigma is business concept that is focused on increasing of Profit zero point and Customer satisfaction.

Methodology includes:

  • Improvement in organizational processes
    In order to improve process we first conduct detailed analysis, process and practice redesigning, in all aspects of business model.
  • Solutions for Employees
    In this part, we cooperate with employees at all levels in order to achieve understanding, realize trainings, balancing as well as intensive training for more efficient work and clear vision of whole management team.
  • Control and management processes systems
    Here are developed and applied Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). These indicators need to be precise and easy understandable in order to track results easier. Based on that corrective measures will be applied. Also areas where problems might appear will be improved. Also, employees will have sense of achievement in every working day.

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